WRUN is built upon the premise that we are all navigating uncertainty, whether it is on the trail, putting pen to paper or just in life. Doubt is inevitable. Creativity can turn up a blank slate. Putting one foot in front of the other sometimes feel easier said than done. Friendships break our heart. Parenthood and world events cause us to second guess even our best efforts. At WRUN we extend an invitation to lace up and discover your creative intentions, to write and reveal something new in your running. Through time and process we have discovered that, together, writing and running can help to reconcile our most uncomfortable feelings and reveal something completely unexpected, perhaps even magnificent.

Each workshop includes a warmup, run that is tailored for levels beginner to intermediate (we keep it chill and relaxing –– different distances are offered), short yoga practice and creative writing exercises. We work to show the connection between putting our bodies in forward motion and words on the page.

I was surprised how much running did help with creative expression. I never thought of that before. I feel refreshed and motivated.
— Pittsburgh workshop participant